Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today is a new day

I'm doing better mentally, but not physically. I've become disabled and it takes allot of work just getting around. I'm starting pool and message therapy tomorrow.
Woo-Hoo...hope to lose some of the weight to, I've gained seventy pounds as I can't hardly move without major pain. I dealing with 9-10 levels daily. The next step is the permanent pain pump.
I'm starting to listen to my sponsor and tiring to connect with GOD again at the personal level I had before surgery. I was asking that he help others while demanding that god heal me NOW. I stopped telling him THANK YOU each night. I'm surprised that I didn't start using my pills to relive the emotional pain. I would have lost 14 years of hard work.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Well it's been awhile...

I've not been motivated to do anything lately. My weight is really getting to me. Before my surgery 12-06 i fluctuated between in the 120's and now that I'm disabled I now weight in the 190's and climbing...Is there a diet out there wo/exorcising?