Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Makingmemories poem

Here is my revised Poem for Making Memories.....
Making memories has it all WOW!

For all my memories of then and Now!
Making memories has it all WOW!

Notorious to the world of art
Making memories is where we should start

I have a confession NO! its more like an obsession
It’s to have more making memories in my collection,

From Alpha’s, brads to 5th avenue
Making memories has what’s new:

The Slice that’s nice will be available summer 08. I can’t wait it seems oh sooo late

It cuts paper with ease, oh gosh not like these; MAN I’ve got to get one of these

What in the world we would do without….., organizers and tots to fill for crops (like this one)
So shop Making memories until you drop

Making memories blog play games, they will be in the hall of fame
They had their b-day bash yesterday
And yes I must say; it went my way (I won a new tool kit yea!!!!)

So for all my memories from then and Now!
Making memories has it all WOW!

Making Memories Birthday party is today...Come join the fun.

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